Cancún City & Tours

Trascendence Marketing S.A will charge your credit card for the total amount of the reservation. The full amount of the reservation is charged online and the transaction to your bank account within the next 12 hours after processing. Information (for example, pick-up time, etc.)
You must present your boarding pass when you check in or with your guide when boarding your tour or transfer.
The cardholder must present the boarding ticket to board the tour / transfer. If the person traveling is not the cardholder, the traveler must present a copy of a valid identification of the credit card holder. In case of tropical storm or hurricane, you can only change the dates of your tour, or change for another tour, the payments made for these eventualities are not refundable.
All passes to attractions must be activated after purchase and the customer has 365 days to use it after this period, the pass will lose its validity. In some tours the client may have to pay directly to our agency to send him the ticket to coordinate his pick up.

The ticket / boarding pass is not valid if it is not signed by the agency and is presented at the beginning of the tour, attraction or activity together with a valid photo ID with the name of the Principal Traveler. We reserve the right to request additional information (identification form and loading authorization) to ensure the protection of the cardholder and prevent identity theft.

• Cancellations made up to 23 hours before your service = No refund is applied
• If the client simply does not show up for the tour (no show) = No refund is applied
• Cancellations made on a reservation paid through PayPal or Stripe can only request a refund of 80%
• Time and / or date changes for "Hotel-Airport" transportation reservations are allowed only 24 hours (or more) before the service.
• These policies do not apply in cases of hurricanes, tropical storms, epidemics, pandemics or any other natural phenomenon; For these cases, only the policy of changing the date of the tour will be applied.
• For reservations made through partial deposit, in case of cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.