About us?

Cancun City & Tour was born in 2017 under the idea of being able to show how wonderful the city of Cancun is and all that it can offer beyond the world famous "Hotel Zone", as well as the entire Mexican Caribbean.
Its main goal is to make the folklore of the city known to both tourists and locals and show unknown points even by the inhabitants of this city, achieving a magical fusion between archeology, history, cultural diversity and fun, with quality, comfort, security and guarantee of a high level tour.


Offer the best city tour with the largest number of satisfied customers in Cancun and Riviera Maya. We are based on ethical principles, generating long-lasting and trusting relationships with our clients and employees.


To become the city Tours company with the largest representation in the entire area of the Yucatan peninsula


* Honesty
* Responsibility
* Integrity
* Trust
* Order


Our philosophy is to offer a high quality city tour working with the best team of collaborators and the most competitive prices in the market, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction to our clients.


Offer a high quality tour of the city of Cancun where tourists can appreciate everyday life without neglecting the fun, comfort and quality of a 1st level service.


City tour where the most emblematic places of the city of Cancun are visited. The main idea of this tour is to introduce the different visitors, both local and foreign, the day to day of the city of Cancun and its surroundings, as well as the best places to enjoy with the family, buy souvenirs, and soak up this vibrant city etc.
Cancun City tour was the pioneer of this type of tours in the city, including in the tour the youngest municipality in all of Mexico, which used to belong to Benito Juárez, which is where the city of Cancun is located.